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We are completely transparent with our customers and we will always quote you before we undertake any work on your vehicle, giving you that piece of mind. We have a professional team of skilled and experienced technicians, with all the equipment required to facilitate any repairs that you may need.


An essential component in your vehicle, responsible for the deceleration and stopping of your vehicle. If you are experiencing any issues with your brakes you must get them checked out as soon as possible.

Symptoms: Grinding noises, a spongy feeling pedal, grinding sounds or the handbrake rising higher than normal.

New brake pads being fitted - Car Repairs Edmonton


Responsible for a smooth ride and responsive handling, poor or damaged suspension can make for an uncomfortable driving experience. If left unchecked, suspension damage can continue to degrade leading to increased stopping distances, increased or uneven tyre wear and sluggish handling.

Symptoms: Worn tyres, tyre shaking, excessive vibration, a sunken chassis, body sway when driving in strong winds, nose dive when braking, fluid leaking from the strut.

New suspension system - Car Repairs Edmonton

Other Repairs

There is nothing our experienced team cant repair some of the other repair solutions we offer below:

  • MOT Repairs
  • Exhausts
  • Steering
  • Cambelts
  • Clutches
  • Engine Repairs
  • Weldin

Contact our professional and friendly team in Edmonton today on 020 8807 3016 or send us a message using our Contact form.

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